Getting started with QuickTrade’s automated Binance spot trading


Please note: this is for our early supporters/beta testers only. If you would like to join in then please see our Discord for more information.

The QuickTrade platform will allow you to make a healthy passive income whilst requiring next to no effort. Our very own trading algorithm feeds directly into the QT platform and when certain conditions are met on the coins we follow, it will trigger buy/sell signals on your behalf.

Anyway, without droning on and boring you to death (we’re pretty sure you would have already seen our stats in Discord and checked out our live TradingView strategies to make sure we aren’t pulling your leg!), let’s crack on in getting ready to begin using the QT platform and start growing your portfolio!

1. Create a new Binance account using our referral link

By signing up using our referral link you we will both get a 10% kickback on our trading fees, this will help us with running costs and more importantly will be the reason why we keep our monthly costs as low and competitive as possible.

Please create your new Binance account by clicking HERE or visiting

(if you already have a Binance account, don’t worry about it!)

2. Create an API key in your Binance account

*Please note that this process cannot be done through the Binance Mobile App. Please use the Binance website on a computer/laptop.

– Click on your avatar on the top-right toolbar and then select ‘API Management’

– Label your API key at the top of the page and click ‘Create API’

– If you have 2FA enabled (highly recommended), you will be prompted to confirm that you are creating a new API key, follow the instructions and enter the codes to create the key

– Now you have created your API key, click on ‘Edit Restrictions’ > tick the ‘Enable Spot & Margin Trading’ box and click save, you will prompted to pass security validation again.

– Your secret key will only be displayed until you leave that page so it’s important that you don’t leave it until you have connected your API with QuickTrade.

Please note: we have noticed that some users get a warning about their futures API expiring after 30 days, if you get this, you need to remember to re-activate your API 30 days after creating it, so you can continue to receive the signals.

– Open a new tab/window and login to your QuickTrade account > click ‘Settings’ then Enter your API Key and Secret Key > click ‘Set API Keys’

That’s it! You are now connected and QuickTrade is nearly ready to begin making trades for you.

3. Choose your coins, set your investment amount and start trading!

In QuickTrade, click on ‘coin settings’ on the left navigation.

Here you can see all available coins that QT will trade on your behalf. You don’t have to enable all the coins if you don’t want to (it is recommended though) and can also adjust your investment amount per coin if you wish to do so.

Once you have decided how much you want to invest per coin ($15 minimum) and have turned them ‘on’ using the slide button. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom – if you don’t click save, your changes will be lost.

As soon as a buy/sell signal is received then QuickTrade will spring into action and enter that position for you. Now you just need to sit back and keep an eye on your trades via ‘Trade History’ or ‘Home’.


If you have any questions or need support please reach out to us in Discord.

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